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Women's Tournament, Waterside, BBN, Wiral

Wiral the flying squirrel

👋 Howdy folks!

Welcome to the 3 new subscribers.

I haven’t been in the creative writing spirit the past month, but gears are definitely turning.

Here’s a quick update of some happenings in my world.

Watch on BBN: Annual ABC Women’s Tournament

On March 26th, which just happened to be my birthday, Bocce Broadcast Network Midwest went live from Revolution Brewing in Chicago.

The tournament? The exciting American Bocce Co Annual Women’s Tournament.

Watch the stream here:

For the stream, we became familiar with some new audio equipment as well as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

What is Wiral?

Wiral is a cable cam rig almost as cool as what the NFL uses to get those overhead player angles. Wiral operates in a single dimension as opposed to three dimensions in the case of the NFL cable cam system.

We’re calling it 🐿️ Wiral the Flying Squirrel.

If that’s too fast (my GIF skills need some work), watch on Instagram.

We’re going to try it for bocce this weekend.

My only fear is that it will droop down too far in the center of the bocce court.

Wiral comes with a 260 ft cable, so the distance isn’t an issue. But the sag in the middle might be an issue over a 70+ft court.

A trip to Waterside

This weekend, Alex and I are headed to Waterside Club in Phoenix, NY where the New York State Bocce Championship tournament is being hosted.

Our mission, should we choose to accept, is as follows.

In addition to attending the tournament and smoking in their cigar lounge, we’ll be chatting about the future of bocce.

Unified Bocce Association — player ratings and rankings for sanctioned tournaments. We’re going to discuss our plans for growing UBA and making it a force that holds bocce together in North America.

Bocce Broadcast Network — growing a fanbase for the sport by means of YouTube streaming. This is where I come in. We want to augment the livestreams with some technology such as plugins for OBS, camera-aided measurements and stats, and more. BTW, you can pick up some cool swag from the site like I did.

That’s all folks! See you in your inbox soon.

~ Digital Dave

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