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I’m back from:

  1. USBF Nationals, where my team earned 🥈 Silver in the Open B competition. Congrats to all competitors who earned medals!

  2. World Series of Bocce, where I broadcasted with the BBN for nearly 3 full days. Congrats to Desalvo Catering and F4tal Four!

Four weeks ago, I wrote about my realization that building technology isn’t always the answer. Sometimes buying technology that already exists or having an experienced firm build the technology for you is better.

Today’s tech Tuesday article exemplifies “Buy, don’t build.”

It is written by Dino Franceschi of Syracuse, NY. I know Dino from Waterside Club and met him at the 2023 NY State Bocce Championships in April.

Waterside features two Colleoni courts and a cigar lounge right across the street from the Eerie Canal. Be sure to check it out if you are ever in the Syracuse, NY area.


Scoreholio for Bocce

by Dino Franceschi (7/13/2023, submitted via email)

❓️ What do all these bocce clubs have in common when running a bocce tournament or league?


Feedback from bocce enthusiasts, throughout the country, is that the sport of bocce continues to growth exponentially, thanks to technology such as:

  1. Live video streaming (kudos The Bocce Bros, Bocce Broadcast Network and all individual fanatics who personally stream on social media)

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. YouTube

  5. Scoreholio

  6. Tourney Machine

Most recently, the Scoreholio application was spotlighted at the:

  • 2023 Club Molisani Charities Open Bocce Tournament

  • 2023 United States Bocce Federation National championships at the Highwood Bocce Club

Based on the “chatter,” bocce supporters were impressed with the functionality and ease of use. Not only were competitors kept in formed of real-time updates, fans across the country and beyond could follow the results and brackets.

So what is Scoreholio?

Scoreholio is a tournament automation system designed to run tournaments of any size right from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

After several setup steps, your tournament or league is up and running for organizers, players and spectators alike. Scoreholio automates tournaments, no matter how many players, how many courts and what format you run.

With Scoreholio you can:

  • Offer pre-registration and payment

  • Add Teams and Players

  • Utilize Interactive Digital Scoreboards for real-time dashboard updates

  • Keep everyone engaged in the tournament with Interactive Dashboards which can even feature sponsor ads

  • Player Push/Notifications such as court assignment and results

Scoreholio’s suite of FAQs cover tutorials such as:

  • Getting Started

  • Organizers

  • Scoreboards and Dashboards

  • Logos and Banners

  • Account Setup

  • Registering

  • Player Profiles

  • Planning and Running a Tournament

  • …and so much more

For example, check out the Tournament Formats section to learn more or head over to Team Generation for how to create teams.

Scoreholio has six (6) tournament formats for you to choose from:

  1. Round Robin

  2. Single Elimination

  3. Double Elimination

  4. Pool Play

  5. Set Schedule

  6. etc.

Learn more

For more information regarding Scoreholio, please visit:

In case you missed the Club Molisani Charities (Pat Laffey) bracket reveal, click here to see the video and brief discussion:

~ Dino Franceschi

Digital Dave’s thoughts

🙏 Thanks for submitting your article, Dino! Here are some of my thoughts

As with any modern software technology, the value usually comes down to the data. Getting there is a factor of community adoption and time to market.

Sure, anyone could create another Scoreholio. There are other options out there for running tournaments and leagues.

But lately the bocce community has been embracing Scoreholio and I expect its usage to rise and capabilities to increase.

The Data

There’s so much value in having data on venues, tournaments/leagues, and players/teams.

Whoever has the data can then create systems such as ratings and rankings.

Ultimately I see prominent bocce organizations adopting a technology (such as Scoreholio). Unified Bocce Association, the USBF, and FIB could then easily access the data to produce ratings and rankings according to their preferred algorithm.

We’ve all seen this happen over the past 30 years in other sports such as Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and more.

Think to yourself:

  • Who creates/enters the data?

  • Who purchases the data?

  • Who owns the data?

  • What apps and services are created based upon the data?

Companies such as Draftkings, Fanduel, and Universal Tennis purchase data from other organizations in order to profit.

As an example, I know for a fact that Universal Tennis (creator of the Universal Tennis Rating) purchases data from the United States Tennis Association (USTA). My friends in Virginia Beach created the UTR and ultimately sold it to Oracle with a nice payout.

One day we’ll hear stories about this happening in bocce and Scoreholio is wise to begin accumulating as much data on players as possible.


2023 USBF Nationals (Open B silver medalists)

2023 World Series of Bocce

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Thanks for reading and a huge thanks to Dino for writing today’s article.

I want to hear from you! What do you think of Scoreholio? Add a comment below!

~ Digital Dave

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